bike trip Arkavathy Dam , Chunchi Fall , Sangama

Places: Arkavathy Dam, Chunchi Falls, Sangama

Participants: Samaresh Biswal, Sanoop Jose

Date: 14/10/2008

Transport Mode: Bike (TVS Star city)

Hotel: Vasu Hotel, Kanakpura (yummy Wangi Bhat ,masala dosa ,coffee)

Camera: Sony cyber shot, kodak easy share

Route: Hudson circle – lalbagh – southend circle – bansankari – metro – kanakpura road (NH 209) – Art of living –Tri murthy Temple – kanakpura – Doddaladahalli – Arkavathy Dam – Chunchi Fall – sangama

Tri Murthy Temple (NH 209)

The temple has a beautiful lawn and big structures of Lord Vinayaka, Anjaneya and Lord Krishna. Temple can be easily sighted, as it is located on the Main road itself and is located on Left side while travelling from Banashankari towards Kanakpura

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Arkavathy Dam

Arkavathi River is a river in India, originating at Nandi Hills of Kolar District. It is a tributary of the Kaveri River, which it joins at Kanakapura called sangama in kannada after flowing through Kolar District and Bangalore Rural district. The river is used by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board to provide 135 million liters of drinking water per day to the city of Bangalore, or about 20% of the entire city’s water. The water is taken from two reservoirs built on the river, the Hesaraghatta (or Hesseraggatta) which was built in 1894 and the Tippagondanahalli Reservoir (or T G Halli), which was built in 1933

Chunchi Fall

One day outing spot in Kanakapura taluk in Bangalore Rural district. The river is Arkavati. This place is about 90kms from Bangalore city. Beautiful place surrounded by wonderful forestfalls by the looking at the gorgeous rocks you can apprehend how ferociously water flowed in former years. Unfortunately we could not play in water at this place, as getting into water is not possible so. We have limited our self to just take so few snap’s in our camera and carried lot’s of memories with ourselves. We sat on a big rock, with water, green trees, rocks surrounding and wonderful clouds above us, frankly speaking it was one of the best lunches we ever had. We can never get such a wonderful feeling in n-star hotel also. It’s not what we had but it’s the way we had it.

Grape Farm

on our way 4m chunchi fall we had a stop over @ a grape farm(“Man being reasonable must get drunk; The best of life is but intoxication; Glory, the grape, love, gold – in these are sunk – The hopes of all men and of every nation” Lord Byron)


Sangam is the confluence of Rivers Kaveri (Cauvery) and Arkavathi. One more nice picnic spot along (NH209) it can be reached by taking a 33km deviation to the left, soon after Kanakapura, The last five kms to Sangam is an enjoyable drive through the ghat roads, with picturesque hills all around you. Water is not so deep

biker buddies

biker buddies

@ 8.30 we were back to the concrete jungle and exhaust fumes that we call home.

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7 thoughts on “bike trip Arkavathy Dam , Chunchi Fall , Sangama

  1. sujatha

    hmmm…. i cud completely visualize the place, the way u ve beautifully narrated….. i liked those lily’s… wish u wud ve picked some 4 me and those grapes….lol…. anywayz…. i think u ve had a awesome time…… gr8 album….

  2. manohar\john

    A legend lost in this world hope u will be in the right place one day let the same love be on us as u have now let not these sweet memories forget us

  3. kousik

    Your blog is really intersting and detail information. Photo’s were descivie and clear. Lovely place to visit. Will like to add and continue the good work. The journey is highly impressive and which was narrated completely with detail information.

    Some comments: Please add the distance from bangalore, which will really helpful for others and things to carry for the journey.

    Over all i will give a thumb up to the blog.

  4. Pinku

    Really …….. motorcycle diaries.. I pray to be a part of such journey

  5. Akbar sharieff (woodland)

    Great view of beauty of karanataka.impressive trip of nature. fun of journey. Lovely place to visit.sweet memories in a small life.good use of time feels time will stay for sometime for you.enjoyments start from wheel and with peace.nice trip and beautyfull blog.

  6. Very Nice 🙂

    Sept to Dec the best time to visit the place!!!

    Hey our visit to the place

    • samareshbiswal

      Hi Karthik thanks 4 droping by its true chunchi fall best 2 b visited after rain

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