CTR malleswaram

Venue: CTR malleswaram

Foodie: Samaresh Biswal, Manohar P

Date: 01/01/09

Menu: Benne Masale & by 2 coffee

Camera : N 70

Benne Masale

Benne Masale

Imagine the crispy nei (ghee) roast filled with ullakazhangu(potato) curry or more commonly called the masala coated with a layer of melting butter in your mouth. Whoa! What a feeling!

when th dosa wil come

when th dosa wil come

yummy devine heavenly bliss

yummy devine heavenly bliss

As usual me & manohar thinking wher 2 go in th eve so I suggested lets go 2 CTR as its dosa has been voted thbest masala dosa in namma begaluru & this place is located in th 7th cross margosa road opp 2 malleshwaram play ground it’s the green door with sree sagar written in kanada on top but when u went inside 1 can c th CTR written on th menu board as 1 enter th hall 1 can find th old pendulum clock & the Bhagavad-Gita sayings that is hung on one side of the wall this place is open 7 days for just a few hours in the morning between 6.30 am till 12.30 pm and in the evenings from 4 till 8.30 pm.





can i hav 1 more plzzzz

can i hav 1 more plzzzz

me @ ctr

me @ ctr

manohar @ ctr

manohar @ ctr

Having benne masale dosa with coffee and go away smiling @ having experienced a piece of history. . Let me not talk more about it. Try it, to believe it!

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9 thoughts on “CTR malleswaram

  1. Ratish

    Yummmmmy….. the Dosa in the photo look vry delicious. Felt like taking a chunk of it frm the PIC itself. Good going Samaresh!!!! Soon you can have an yellow pages of your own describing different tourist places and hotels in and around bangalore. KEEP IT UP !! Next time do send a sample of food along with the links on any hotels.

  2. sujatha

    Belive me…. dis place CTR is amazing!!!…… seems to be small… but masala benne dosa…. hmmm… really yum….. not wonder u ll say,,,, one more plzzzzzzzzzz……………
    u can even try pongal n rice bath…. jus can say perfect place to have breakfast…………. n very reasonable…..

  3. p.manohar

    malik u should write a book on ur total experience and get it printed

    its very nice looks like some professional writer has written

    let the journery continue

  4. john

    what should i say it is not fair for me to comment on a pro .U r great and just wait for great things to happen for u let is journey go a long way a head

  5. Jose sanup

    Right comment manohar sirji…

    We ‘ll support you sam..you keep continue

  6. Lutan

    Nice one…. I prefer d dosa widout butter… But CTR ka sab kuch mast lagtaa hai……

  7. Jyotirmayee

    very innovative way to remember and let others know about the beautifull places around . Keep up the good work .

  8. tempting dosa

  9. Sir i really miss the place n the dosa , also u get the bajji… whish is again a gr8 combination, first the bajji n then the dosa to finis have a cup of coffee… wow wow wow wow wow….. cant resist….!!!!

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