Rosario cathedral Church of Mangalore

Rosario cathedral Church of Mangalore

Portuguese built this oldest Church in the year 1568. The Church was reconstructed in 1910. Its attractive design is in Roman style

Holy Rosary Church

Holy Rosary Church

during my six month stay in mangalore th angles of  rosario church were my companion

History St. Thomas the Apostle of India kindled the light of faith during the first century A.D. in the Southern Part of India. The early Franciscan Missionaries later continued the Gospel preached by him in Kanara in the year 1510. Befittingly Mangalore is called “Rome of the East”. Alphonso-de-Albuquerque a Portuguese explorer conquered Goa and was its Viceroy of the Indies from 1510-1515. This made it easy to Portuguese King Immanuel to send missionaries to Kanara for evangelization of Christianity. Albuquerque conquered this territory from the Bijapur Sultan Ismael Adil Shah. Later in the year 1542 St. Francis Xavier a Spanish Jesuit arrived in Goa from Portugal and propagated the true faith. The Portuguese under Diego de Silveira attacked Mangalore in the year 1568. On January 5th 1568 the city was occupied and Portuguese built a fort called the “Fort of St. Sebastian” at the place where now stands the Deputy Commissioner’s office. Since they felt the necessity of a church for their spiritual welfare they built a church (Holy Rosary Church) referred to as the “Factory Church” of Bolar. The Royal stone emblem of the Portuguese king is lying at the entrance of the Cathedral as insignia of their landing in 1568. The Cathedral now stands in the same place where the Portuguese built their first church after capturing Mangalore on 5th January 1568.

rosario church

rosario church

this place is situated near  pandeshwar walking distance 4m state bank circle

angel veiw 4m rose villa

angel veiw 4m rose villa

angel veiw 4m my room @ rose villa

angel veiw 4m my room @ rose villa

th six month @ rose villa ar th best days of my lif  th wakeing up in th mornings with th prayers &  in eve having a good time with brother (nelson,beny) & sister (sonia , sandria ) sitting  in th roof top @ night 2 & looking @ th bunder

best restaurant @ mangalore bombay lucky swear never eaten as tasty chicken curry & kerala paratha

best bakery chochin baker @ ab shetty circle

i always had a guilt feeling tht its been such a long time i hav not been 2 mangalore th promise 2 th family tht i wil b @ christmas evry year had just taken th back seat in th rat race of life

😦 😦 😦

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2 thoughts on “Rosario cathedral Church of Mangalore

  1. p.manohar

    angel view from ur room looks very great sirji

    ur lucky to have house at such a place

    and again great writing from u

    keep it up

  2. sujatha

    wot to say abt…. really, u r blessed by lord…… u are great……..
    great writing by great person,,,,, keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!

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