Olive Ridley Turtle Gahirmatha

Olive Ridley Turtle Gahirmatha

Participant : samaresh biswal

album link: http://picasaweb.google.co.in/samareshbiswal/Gahirmatha#

distance: 328 km

route: bhubaneshwar – cuttack – manguli – chandikole – kendrapara – rajanagar – gahirmatha

highway : NH5 , NH 5A , SH9 A

expence : 350 rs

all the regional news papper were covered with the turtle had arrived & me also not travelled for such a long time i started in search of th endangered species about olive ridley turtle they ar green in colour & they come evry year to orissa to lay th eggs its the few places wher they come

as the day was coming to an end sitting in the pristine white sand beach looking at the beautiful sun setting down & n no of red crabs dancing to the tunes of the waves only ting i could recollect the discovery channel tv add ” the world is just AWESOME”

And I know that I, I will do more than just pass through this life

I’ll leave nothin less that something that says

I was here, I was here, I was here, I was here

by Lady Antebellum

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2 thoughts on “Olive Ridley Turtle Gahirmatha

  1. p.manohar

    malik kya words use karte ho, aap to english literature ke baap ho aaap

  2. Ratish

    Bro, Could have been more elaborate and should have included more pics. Didnt get the complete feel that I normally get reading ur blogs. We are trying to see beautfiul places in Orissa through your eyes and experience. I eagerly look forward to your blogs. This time its was bit disapointing compared to ur previous blogs. Nevertheless it was just a honest suggestion and no way take the credit off frm you for bringing those beautiful site and experience to us.

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