Bike Trip Bhubaneswar to Bangalore

Bike Trip Bhubaneswar to Bangalore

Man & the Machine:   Samaresh Biswal & Bajaj CT 100

Its my highway

Its my highway

Trip Stats:

Total distance: 1792 Km

Total Expense: Rs 1200 (petrol) & 250 food

No of days: 3

Highway: NH 5, NH 4, NH 46, NH 7

States: Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka

Route: Bhubaneswar, Khurda, Balugaon, Ichapuram, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Nellore, Chennai, Sriperumbubur. Vellore, Krishnagiri, Yelagiri, Hosur, Bengaluroo

Day 1:16/06/09

Abhi buzzed me to come back to Bangalore ASAP. I picked up my backpack, filled the tank & hit the highway. It was a dream which I had cherished for a long time to drive down from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore covering the Golden Quadrilateral East South corridor. Before driving down, just standing on the NH 5 thinking whether to hit the road or take Lalu’s Charming Train Route but the adventure spirit persuaded me to take the solo bike trip. So I headed to lingraj temple for the divine blessing for a smooth ride & at 6.30 Am I left Bhubaneswar with my idol Richard Bach’s book Biplane as my lucky talisman. For the 1st few kms the drive was great. Four lane highway, me, early morning wind whispering in the ear, beautiful country side; it was nothing but heaven to me. But after Khurda the highway became single lane & the oxymoron truck drivers were driving as if they are driving in a Silverstone circuit. Time for my 1st stop. Balugaon. Had my breakfast there (got the feeling of spicy Andhra cuisine ahead) then a stopover at the beautiful chilikka lagoon with no luck of sighting any winter birds (coz its summer) & headed towards AP border.  The border post was full of pot holes &the petrol price rose by 6 Rs (As If Oil was imported by Andhra from Orissa). I filled my tank & crossed the border. As I reached the border town of ichapuram the true feeling of riding in the golden quadrilateral ran through my nerves. The roads are four lanes, well maintained by the NHAI. As I finished a couple of hundred kms, my body said “TAKE REST DUDE”. Had my food at a bpcl petrol pump dhaba. The food was great, rice & rasam tasted like divine. But the rider’s soul said my body to shut up… & I continued riding till dusk until I reached Vishakhapatnam.  Spent some time at the beach & roamed around the streets. The place was clean & beautiful. After spending few hours, I again hit the highway, covered few kms & then found a clean place to sleep under the velvet sky with twinkling stars beside the highway next to heritage milk plant. The sky was so clear that I could count the stars. I had never realized that dark nights could be so romantically awesome. The pollution of Bangalore had marooned me. I called up Sandeep of for the route to Bangalore & noted down his instructions.

@ chilika lake

@ chilika lake

@ vizac beach

@ vizac beach

Day 2: 17/06/09

The coolness & serenity in the air made my eyes to open as early as 4 am so as to cover more km today.  With me & my machine having enough rest we hit the road & the morning ride is indescribable. The ride was smooth as whipped cream, adventurous as eating cocoa beans & nothing would have matched those 6 hrs (Yeah I rode for 6 hrs without a stop & I dint get a feel of tiredness). Had my breakfast at a road side eatery & set for Vijayawada.  As I reached there the sun above me made the ride impossible. I stopped to have some rest under the cool shades mother nature. Took lunch & started again late in the afternoon. I continued my ride till I reached near a hut. Drank some well water & never realized that water could be so sweet. I met few truck drivers who enquired about the ride & wished me luck for a smooth ride.  Smelling the perfume of burning rubber, I rode along NH5. But suddenly the speeding traffic came to a halt. But I changed my lane & continued riding without giving a damn about the halt. But Hell Oh Mother Lord! There was an accident & I jumped to rescue the truck driver from the wreckage & they prompted to call to NHAI. The 108 emri service & the highway patrol arrived. But the driver had some cuts & bruises… nothing serious & I continued riding but random questions came to my mind whether it’s right to go on a solo ride? What will happen if I met with an accident? Will my near & dear ones will ever know about my unfortunate incident? As the questions came flickering in my mind I just stopped my bike & recited the hanuman chalisa & continued though ride. Stopped for dinner at a dhaba with a intolerable back pain. I just parked the bike next to the highway & slept on the ground on my backpack still around a 100 km from Nellore.

Golden Quadrilateral

Golden Quadrilateral

design for 100 km

design for 100 km

Day 3: 18/06/07

A buzzing truck waked me up. Its 4 am & still a long road to cover. Started my mean machine until I reached Nellore. Had some fuel for the aching body & geared towards Chennai. As the toll road came to an end I missed the turnings & the burning rubber & the screeching brakes. I got lost in Chennai & had to ask the traffic cop for my way to Bangalore. They asked for my bike papers then I told them that I am driving from Orissa to Bangalore, wth eyes opened wide, without checking my papers thy helped me with the route map with the landmark. They wished me a smooth journey. I headed out of Chennai & crossed sriperumbubur. The drive was pleasant; the highway from Chennai to Bangalore was 6 lane. I think it’s one of the best highways I have ever driven till date. Energized myself near yellagiri & for the 1st time I saw different shades of clouds with a blue sky playing its perfect background. The place was serenely beautiful. As far as the eye can see, it was covered with greenery. As I felt that the rain gods are arriving, I stepped on the throttle so as to reach home soon. Had my dinner near hosur it was yummy & cheap. as it was raining, I waited for it to stop as soon I reached the border there was a welcome sign to Karnataka from there it started pot hole road what a welcome sign to welcome that I have reached my village namma bengaluru the traffic became thick. & at silk board the traffic became heavy. It was late, & I reached Bholanath Mess. With my Ex-Roommates welcoming me, had a desi dinner while thinking all the time what I will miss; the velvet sky, the sunny clouds, the serene wind & the smell of rubber & went to sleep with the hangover of the trip memories. It’s now up to you guys…….


village is 200 KM

village is 200 KM

dont stop breathing

dont stop breathing

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49 thoughts on “Bike Trip Bhubaneswar to Bangalore

  1. bishnu bhai


  2. bishnu bhai

    we are in the same page.I like this adventure and you know it.Let us have a program for a spot”Jungles,Animals and rivers”.

    B B

    • Biswa Ranjan Tripathy

      Bishnu Bhai,Hope you should be in Jungle,Might be by mistake you are out,It would be great if you will back to your origional place.

  3. Abhishek

    Caution !!!!!

    Hazardous Material …… After reading this trip ….i want to pick up my bike and start towards my dream trip ……. But hey …… I’m Not as lucky as you are. Got Work and gotta grow … an ad says STRONGER TALLER SHARPER…… but some day some time ….. will hit the road …..with time and money in my pockets filled …….. Cheers to the spirit of the Nomad Rider…..

  4. Hi bro have u gone crazy,,,,

    Driving so long distance and thats solo///

    Have guts…

    well nice narration…love to do so…….

    might have took a lot of snaps on ur journey ????????

    where r they///

    all the best 4 r future TRIPSSS

  5. Chaitanya Vedak

    Hey maan. nice trip. i envy you. definitely inspiring. best of luck on ur trip back. and fro, and all around. enjoy

  6. Sunil

    That’s something one can cherish for a lifetime. I have to say ‘A drive of a Lifetime’, :-).

    When will I have my ‘drive of lifetime’??, Only god knows.

    Keep riding and keep posting such exciting travalogues!!!

    Sunil Kumar

  7. Sunil

    great yaar.. put some snaps

  8. Tusar sagar

    BUBU you deserve to be there in MTV roadies.And honestly speaking its the god’s grace and your strong midedness that u reach there safely.

    Take care.

  9. Jose

    This one really made me to think bout nother trip but never solo.Lovely narration..keep going my friend.

  10. sir…… u r really gr8…!!! someone shud have balls to do it…!!! n u have done it…..!!!!

  11. john

    Sir Je Thats a great journey Lets all of us plan some day and hit the road

  12. Shwetank

    oye kya yaar ye kya hai… gr8 yaar, tusi to diaag hi out kar diye ho…. vishwas hi nahi ho raha hai….. keep it up yaar

  13. Himanshu Jani

    bravo bravo
    This is called as life. You will have lots of stories to tell your grand children. Its great confidence booster. Never put yourself in ‘what if’ shoes. Never ask yourself ‘What if so and so happens?’ Nothng will happen, just take the machine and head where you want to go. Great. I am looking forward for pics and next trip.

  14. Dear Dadu,,


    Gret job

    Would like 2 join u some time…

    Yes Dada Drive hard else stay home

  15. Dibyajeevan

    The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

    Every time Samresh comes with a new place and new experience. This time he came with a new blog 4days tour cover 4state with lots of effort, time, money, pain and excitement.

    Thnax to share ur experience boss


  16. Swarna

    wow wht a adventure it must have been..sir u hav really got lot of guts ..keep it up n wish all the gud luck for ur future adventures.

  17. Niranjan

    Bravo Bro.. this is life … Ride Hard or Stay Home.. True in ur case.. Hats Off.. Keep the spirits high.. looking for more blogs from u 🙂

  18. Suman

    Well done bro!!! You made us proud. :)))Bravo, our home bred Che!

  19. Gyana Bhai

    Yaar Bubu, I enjoyed the post so much that, I finished it at one go… Otherwise, I don’t have much patience to finish reading any blog post.

    Now I can imagine if reading this, is so much of fun, what would have been the real experience….

    But honestly speaking…. I can not dare to think an adventure like this…

  20. umang sagar

    You are the Man…a true free spirit.
    i want to join you someday dear…we will go from delhi to some place…okies?

    As per the blog…you got to seriously think of being a professional travel author…you got the talent bro.

  21. Sameer Panda

    Hi Smaresh,

    Hats up to you boss, you have done it, i salute your courage and spirit of drving for so long distance.

    Sameer Panda

  22. Ratish

    I am speechless bro! It’s a admirable and worth praise journey based on several facts like the bike used, expenses met, places you rested during the travel and time taken to cover the distance. You truly define the word ‘Real traveler’. It shows the true passion you have towards travel and exploration without which this kind of journey is unimaginable. Keep up the good work Bro !!! and a suggestion worth taking ‘Why don’t u take it as a career prospect?’ 🙂

  23. Biswa Ranjan Tripathy

    Good to hear about your trip.

  24. smruti ranjan rath

    hi friends i have got some exprience while i was driving from bhubaneswar to banglore with my car along with my wife saswati on 28 th jan 2008, while moving to bangalore i catched the route of vijaywada -hydrabad-banglore, the road is horible & it was the single road, (day-1)i started from bbsr at 6.00am got a light tiffin at balugaon then started again the road from balugaon to ichhapuram was pathetic reached at vizag at 4.00 pm got a lunch at 9.30 a have reached at rajmundry got a stay at hotel.(day-2)started at 7.00am got a route of hydrabad reached at hydrabad at 5.00pm left hydrabad at 7.00pm catchde the banglore highway ,through annatapuram,(day-3) new airport reached at banglore at 8.00am,my brother soumya guided me to his home. after 7 day i came back to bhubaneswar through chennai. got a good experience continue 27 hrs driving was excellent you can touch me on 9937084999

    • ipsita

      hi Mr Rath,
      nice 2 c someone come frm BBSR to Bglr on car. Can i know a bit more details about the travel? car used ,stay etc . i am planning 2 go puri in the month of may.i am planning to travel wid my four year kid and father.

  25. maha

    hey cool dude…..
    ur most happening

  26. Debadutta Dash

    Hi Samresh,

    Its nice to read that u did this trip alone. Am planning to go for a trip from b’lore to baripada (my hometown) on my bullet with one of my friend. I suppose you can share some of of your good experience with me before I hit the road.


  27. Hi Samaresh,

    I was completly blown off by reading this !!! it is simply awesome that you covered so much distance !!

    You have a damn hard heart man !!!

    Please keep it up ….

    You are the Man !!!

  28. Sumit

    Hello Samaresh,

    I am from bhubaneswar, similar trip I did three and half years back with my classic jeep.

    I am again going to have a similar trip may be next month with my newly bought car from bhubaneswar to bangalore.

    I took a turn from Ranigunta to Tirupati and banglore.

    Keep it up.


    • samareshbiswal

      gr8 lucky u doing 2nd time cross country do check out aruku valley near vizac

  29. Puranjay Mandal

    Hi samaresh,i am also trying to take a tour , so can you help me about the road charts & where to stay in the way for rest in the night.

  30. Puranjay Mandal

    What a fantastic.


    this is soo kool!!! good ya,, next time u plan 2 hit the road..ple give me a chance 2 ride along with u!!
    good goin dude!!

    • samareshbiswal

      Hi Deepti, thnks 4 ur feedback sure whn u ar back in town buzz me will go 4 a ride .

  32. Nishith

    Hi Samaresh,
    Gotta give it to you .. got the guts .. I have driven from Bangalore to Hyderabad in 13 hrs on my Pulsar 180 .. but you finished a more difficult drive man .. Bhubaneswar to Bangalore on a 100 cc bike, which are pretty light and aren’t suited for long drives .. that’s called “G U T S”
    People might call you crazy .. mad … psycho .. but its the “Lets Do It” attitude that really matters .. and the adventure .. no one will understand…
    When I hit the road, after 50 kms I started thinking whether this is correct or not .. then ignored myself and drove on .. and Finally .. it was really fun .. 🙂

    Keep it up ..

    • samareshbiswal

      thnks nishith 4 th encouragement & if u ar in bangalore lets meet up

  33. BMP

    thanks samaresh,,its amazing drive from bbsr to bangalore with bike.

    in future if possible,,i am also do like this.i.e bike trip from bbsr to bangalore by follow ur way.


    • samareshbiswal

      thnks 4 ur feedback do let me know if u need any help in route planing

  34. Nice blog. I did the same trip : bangalore to bhubaneswar in car… :
    however biking is a difference experience altogether. no doubt. Here is the link to that blog

    • Samaresh Biswal

      yes long cross country bike trip is a different experience

  35. Alok ranjan

    I want to do this and I will

  36. Som

    I wanna do this trip from blore to bhubaneshwar on my bike. Can u give me more details ??
    Like amount for toll and everything??
    Please get back to me soon.

    • Samaresh Biswal

      Sure let me know what all guidance you need. I am planning to this stretch soon

  37. Rajesh

    Plz tell me what will be the total coat as of now 2017 if u go from bbsr to banglore and plz give some tips..

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