Bike trip to Dhauli

Participant : Samaresh Biswal

Bike: Bajaj CT 100

Distance :  8 KM from Railway Station

Highway : NH 203

Stupa @ Dhauli

Stupa @ Dhauli

Staying in Bhubaneswar, the temple city, has many advantages. You have so many historical & nerve stirring archeological sites that can be any explorer’s delight. So to give my heart a peaceful stir, I rode out of the town to visit dhauli also known as dhauligiri. Legends has it that the Great War of Kalinga was fought here & after seeing all the bloodshed in the war, king Ashoka embraced Buddhism. The peace pagoda, as it is also known as, is just about 8 km out of town on Puri-BBSR NH 203. The site is located on the banks of River Daya which is believed to be flooded with blood during the Kalinga war. It is this river after which Ashoka became Chanda Ashoka (war mongering ashoka) to Ashoka, The Great. Many believed that his son Mahendra & daughter Sanghamitra, set out to tour the world & preach Buddhism, form here.


samaresh @ dhauli

One has to take right turn just after crossing Daya river to reach for the Shanti Stupa (peace pagoda). The stupa is a brightening & dazzling white marvel that can be seen from the city itself. On the bottom of the summit there are edicts of Ashoka, engraved on a rock that preaches about peace & give insights about how & why he embraced Buddhism. The stupa has 4 statues of Buddha facing each direction. One can have the entire panoramic view of the city from its top & the serene & cool wind blowing into your face makes the experience even more exciting. But one thing is for sure. You can sit for the longest of hours you can imagine & still redeem yourself with something new. One can see the Daya river flowing down & can take a dip in the water if one wants to.

The entire monument is constructed & been maintained by Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha. This organization is also responsible for the excavation done around the monument & river sites where many arrow heads & swords as well as other warfare can be found dating back to 326 B.C. Finally, of all the jewels in the city of Bhubaneswar, Dhauli stands out the most shining emerald among all


samaresh @ dhauli

samaresh @ Dhauli

samaresh @ Dhauli

Album link : http://picasaweb.google.co.in/samareshbiswal/Dhauli#

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5 thoughts on “Dhauli

  1. Jayaram

    Nice triplog and photos Samaresh.

  2. p.manohar


    one more great trip by u

  3. Bulu Bhai

    Nice one!!!

  4. Biswajita

    Nice trip.Keep it up.

  5. I highly enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep up making such interesting posts!

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