Hirakud Dam

Bike trip to Hirakud Dam

Man & Machine : Samaresh Biswal & LML Vespa scooter

Stardate: [-28] 02340.00

About the trip

As ones grows in life ,ones passes through various places that one calls home .Now it was time for me to visit (Hirakud) may be for the last time ,the place that I grew up. It’s a small industrialized town located 15 km from sambalpur situated on the banks of river Mahanadi .It’s the place where the world’s largest earthen dam has been built.

wellcome to hirakud

wellcome to hirakud

mahanadi river

Hirakud Dam

samaresh @ hirakud dam

boat @ hirakud dam

evening @ river bank

As the time came for me to leave this place only thing coming in my mind is the TV series wonder years:“I remember a place… a town… a house like a lot of houses… a yard like a lot of other yards… on a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is, after all these years, I still look back… with wonder.”

Album link: http://picasaweb.google.co.in/samareshbiswal/HirakudDAM#

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6 thoughts on “Hirakud Dam

  1. sujatha

    hmmm….nice pics… u r looking nice…. well u cud ve included sum more pics, probably d streets or place wer u wer living… its always nice to cherish the childhood moments, beautiful experience… guess u had a gr8 time there……

  2. srikant

    waaooo……… nice pictures. think u hav enjoyed there a lot. its ur amaging thoughts delivered for everybody to remember the dam and its beautiful sights once again. really superb……

  3. Abhimanyu Gartia

    Good idea to publish little things but rewinding our origin maan!!!! Most of the educated one who have left their child-life for what ever reason would feel excited to read such memorable clippings. May be next time some video, few local faces etc would add value to the posting. Keep it up.

  4. suchitra

    writing was great bhai

  5. B Solomon Raj

    Around 30 years ago I had an opportunity to visit the remarkable site of Hirakud Dam along with my friend Mr Abhimanyu Gartia who commented on your beautiful photos. Kindly get me contact details of Mr Abhimanyu Gartia if you can please.

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