Samaleswari temple

Bike trip to Samaleswari temple

Man & Machine : Samaresh Biswal & LML Vespa Scooter

Stardate: [-28] 02340.00

Distance : 10 Km from Hirakud

Just before living this town I went to visit the Samaleswari temple the local deity, on which the name of the town sambalpur derives. The temple is built by King Balaram Dev around 1540 – 1556. The temple is situated on the banks of river Mahanadi well accessible my road from any part of the town. The temple is of Sandhara order. The Idol of Maa Samalai Devi consists of a large block ofGranite rock with an inverted, trunk like projection at the bottom. Ashallow cut on her “Baraha” like face symbolises her mouth. Traditinal Sambalpuri nose ornament of pure gold hangs down from her imaginarynose Beaten gold leave fixed on two disproportionate golden eye like depression on the face acts as substitute for her eyes in an attemptto define the face of the mother deity on a mass of self shaped rock, the Devi’s idol inspires sublime sentiments of awe, fear, reverence, devotion, love and affection towards all.

Samaleswari Temple

Maa samaleswari

samaresh @ Samaleswari temple

banks of mahanadi river

Album Link :

Be Blissful

Jai Maa Samaleswari

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