Bike trip to Pipili (Applique Village)

Bike trip to Pipili (Applique Village)

Man & Machine: Samaresh Biswal & Honda Unicorn

Stardate:[-28] 02360.00

Trip stats

Days: 1

Distance: 17 Km from Bhubaneswar on the Puri highway road

Highway: NH 203

Album Link:

During childhood days when ever visiting puri, always from the window I would stare at the beautiful appliqué work on the display. This appliqué can be found in every house & corporate offices. So finally before leaving Bhubaneswar I decide to go for a short solo bike trip in order to know more about the history of this tiny hamlet, which is famous for its handmade handicrafts. The village was set up by Maharaja Birakshore in 1054 for accommodating the craftsmen for providing regular supply of the items required for the rites performed at the Jaganath temple.

Pipili (Applique Village)

Pipili (Applique Village)

Applique work

Applique work

Artisians @ work

Applique work

Applique work

Applique work

Applique work

Applique  work

Applique work

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