Raghurajpur (Artisans Village)

Bike trip to Raghurajpur (Artisans Village)

Man & Machine: Samaresh Biswal & Honda Unicorn

Stardate: [-28] 02360.00

Trip Stats

Days: 1

Distance: 70 Km from Bhubaneswar on the Puri highway road

Highway: NH 203

Landmark: from Chandanpur one has to take a left 1.5 km near the police station

Route: Bhubaneswar – Pipili – Chandanpur- Raghurajpur

Album Link: http://picasaweb.google.co.in/samareshbiswal/Raghurajpur#

Raghurajpur a quaint hamlet situated near puri around 70 km form Bhubaneswar  .As one reached this picturesque village situated on the banks of river Bhargavi ,Surrounded by coconut, jackfruit, mango and some other tropical trees, this village has a very pleasant atmosphere. The nearby paddy fields are dotted with numerous betel-leave gardens. As one enters the village the houses are arranged in two neat rows facing each other. The mural paintings in the homes are an exceptional piece of work. This place is famous for Pattachitra, Tassar painting, palm leaf engraving, paper masks, stone idols, sculptures, wooden toys, etc.This place has been designated as heritage village by UN & GOI, as every family (311) in this village is associated with art. Some of these artists are the National Award winners .This hamlet is famous for its traditional performing dance, known as Gotipua and is the birth place of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, the great Odissi dancer. As the time came to bid adieu! I am surprised there exist village like this, where art rules the hearts even in this age of crude materialism.

Tassar Painting

Artist Narayan Nayak

Tassar Painting

Palm leaf engraving

Aritist at work


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9 thoughts on “Raghurajpur (Artisans Village)

  1. Bulu Bhai

    Good One!!!

  2. Jayaram

    Nice information!

  3. p.manohar


    tussi great ho

  4. Mickey

    I have always wanted to visit this lovely place while on our way to Puri but sadly, never could. Loved this little bit of packed information and the pics of the breathtaking artwork.

    • samareshbiswal

      its a small village but rich in art , culture & history . do check it out whn u ar nxt time in “Aama Odisha”

  5. sweta bisi


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