kempegowda tower

Bike trip in search of kempegowda Tower

Man & Machine:

1. Samaresh Biswal & Bajaj CT 100,

2. Udhaya Kumar V & Royal Enfield Thunderbird

Total distance: 49 Km

Tower Location :

1. Near Mekhri circle
2. Near Kempambudhi lake
3. Inside Lalbagh park
4. Near Ulsoor lake

Album link:

Stardate: [-28] 03355.00

Camera: Sony cyber shot 10MP

All the time I have been exploring many cities & landscapes, but not the city closest to my heart, Namma Bengalooru. And I knew just about the perfect guy to help me find something new in the city. I buzzed up Udhaya, who has been my internet buddy for more than a year. But this was the first time I was gonna meet him f2f. I called him up to reach Mekhri circle a s a p. As soon we met, highways & roads are the only things we could talk & talk & talk. Till we realized it was quite some time, I asked him if there is anything new we can explore. He said the usual Lalbagh & others. But it stroked my mind about this story about Kempegowda II of Magadi. As pr legends, he set out four bulls in four different directions & the places they reach until evening will mark the territory of the city. The four stops were marked by four towers & is known as the Kempegowda Towers. The trip started right where we were standing,. Mekhri circle, we clicked up some nice snaps of the place & then set out in the search of the other three. After burning our tyres for some more time, we reached Kempambudhi Lake, where the second of the tower was located. Again few snaps & the hunt continues. In the mean time, we shared our innumerable experiences on the road & our romance with highways. We reached Lalbagh, but this time not for the blossoms but for the historic tower. Never realized about the tower before, but it was somewhat really nice. We decided to have a meal, & Kamat made it even better. Highways, landscapes, experiences are all we could talk about. Finally took some rest & then left for the final tower. Though it was inaccessible (cause it was inside a defense premises), we were still overwhelmed for our little but sweet success. We bid our adieu at the Vidhana Soudha, & couldn’t stop marveling about its grandeur. We paid our heartfelt respect for the great visionary who set up this beautiful city. We bid goodbye each other & wished to get to a trip soon, together. In the end, I could only think of the lines form Motorcycle Diaries “on the journey of journeys solitude find solidarity I turned into We”.

Samaresh & Udhaya (Biker buddies)

Samaresh & Udhaya (Biker buddies)

Samaresh & Udhaya @Mekhri circle

Samaresh & Udhaya @Mekhri circle

Samaresh & Udhaya @ Kempambudhi lake

Samaresh & Udhaya @ Kempambudhi lake

Samaresh & Udhaya @ Lalbagh

Samaresh & Udhaya @ Lalbagh

Samaresh & Udhaya @ Ulsoor lake

Samaresh & Udhaya @ Ulsoor lake

Samaresh & Udhaya @ vidhana soudha

Samaresh & Udhaya @ vidhana soudha

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2 thoughts on “kempegowda tower

  1. sujatha

    nice pics…………..

  2. Pranati

    Wonderful Bubu….
    I m in blore since from long time..but many more places are still there to explore. Thanks for bringing up all historic places of blore.

    I admire to your passion..

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