Bike trip to shirdi

Bike trip to shirdi

Man & Bike: Samaresh Biswal & Bajaj CT 100

Total distance: 2359 Km

No of days: 4

Expense: Rs 2577 (Petrol Rs 1860, Food Rs247,Misc Rs470)

Place Visited: Shirdi & shani shingnapur

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Route: Bangalore-tumkur- chitradurga  – davangere – hubli – dharwad – kolhapur – satara – pune – ahmednagar – shingnapur – shirdi

Seasons & seasons, I have embraced the road as my home & have flocked all the scenes it has endeared me upon – mountains, rivers lakes, & rains. But the adventurous soul needed some more but this time with peace. Mind boggled upon various possible ventures, but none could tingle my adventurous bone except one, Bengaluroo-Shirdi-Bengaluroo trip. Whole 2359 Kms of adventure between the hills & mountains of mahabaleswar, the blooming Mustard field of devanagere and the scenic forts & mountains of Pune. The ride would surely be pleasurable, peaceful & adventurous enough. I set my sights, bag & bike to reach Sai Baba & seek his divine blessings.

Samaresh @ maharashtra border

Samaresh @ maharashtra border

Stardate: [-28] 03485.00: after too many hectic days at office, I applied for a 10 day leave. I had made my preparations to leave for my hometown to see my parents & just chill down eating the desi foods. But somehow the night before I was to leave for Odisha, heart craved for something peaceful. I had this desire for a long period to have a trip to Shirdi Sai where people flock like ants. The next morning, instead of the iron wheels, I opted for the rubber ones & once again the smell of the burning rubber filled my aesthetic. I took the name of Sai baba, left the city early to feel the fresh air & avoid traffic. The road was not pleasant from Devanagare to Dharwad, but a roadie like me doesn’t care the turf. Besides, the yellow blooming flowers of mustard made the vision more than pleasant. The song of Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam played through my mind, somewhere, I missed her. But road beckoned me more than anything else. With perfect sunshine & perfect wind, I blazed through the road without much hesitation. Had a late breakfast at Dharwad & then the tyres burned again. Panaji was only 165 Kms away from Dharwad, but Sai baba’s call was much stronger than the beaches. So I said to myself, “May BE later”. I drove til afternoon, to refuel myself. Found a Punjabi dhaba in Belgaum to get some much needed energy. Ordered Roti, dal & egg burji. But WTF, Dal was red, & curry leaves in burji. After an awful meal, I moved along & reached Kolhapur by dusk. Found a neat place to sleep jst few kms from Satara. 707 Kms on Day 1. Not Bad at all for a nimble soul like Bajaj CT-100.

Samaresh @ Katraj Tunnel

Samaresh @ Katraj Tunnel

Stardate: [-28] 03490.00: Wake up early started the ride @ 5.30 am. A typical Maharastrian welcome of rain was bestowed, but a wild soul like mine was not bothered about what came down. Drenched in rain, I continued to explore the road. All along the road, I can see sugar canes & sugar canes & sugar canes. Reached the outskirts of pune late morning & gave a call to Lutu, who moved to Navi Mumbai recently. But time was not enough to meet him. So just gave him a call & carried his wishes wth me. Before entering the city of pune, I passed through a tunnel, which was surprisingly first tunnel of my life. As soon I came out of it, the waterfall at the side & the sceninc beauty of pune took my heart out. Awesome! Reached pune city & the traffic was chaotic people were ride as if they were the only 1 on the road. No road sense at all. Asked the auto driver on my way 2 ahmednagar. Then called up ace photographer Harshad Sharma that I am in town. So lets catch up. Met him at the desired Rendezou point & we went for a short ride. We reached the cafe & started discussing photography & bike trips. He gave me a crash course on better photography & a lot of my basics were cleared. Bid him goodbye & went on my way 2 shani shinghnapur. Since it was Saturday, it was too crowded. The road condition was horrible, & i could have started a fish farming in the water filled craters there. Offered my puja & went 4 a village sightseeing. I was a bit surprised to see that there was no doors in the houses. They believed that Sahni Dev will protect their houses form any kind of mishaps. I carried on with my journey & then reached Shirdi late in the evening & got the accommodation in Sai Prasad. Had a quick diner and went on for a nice & cozy sleep in the serenity of Sai Baba’s blessings.

Harshad & Samaresh (Bike nomads)

Harshad & Samaresh (Bike nomads)

Samaresh @ shani shingnapur

Samaresh @ shani shingnapur

Stardate: [-28] 03495.00: Woke up at 2.30 & refreshed myself. By 3.30am I was in queue for the early morning aarti. As I entered the inner sanctum of the temple I was spell bound by the beauty of the place offered my prayers 2 baba & collected th udi. By 6.30 am, I was on my way back 2 pune. Called up ravi who was my batch mate in IHM to inform him about my visit. He insisted to stay on & I obliged. Met him after a long period & I got an opportunity to know the maharashtrian people much more closer. Had an awesome lunch at their home & then we moved for some sightseeing and fun in the evening. Took proper rest & gorged upon some more Maharashtrian Cuisine as dinner.

Samaresh @ Shirdi

Samaresh @ Shirdi

Samaresh & Ravi (IHM Buddies)

Samaresh & Ravi (IHM Buddies)

Stardate: [-28] 03500.00: Had an authentic maharastrian breakfast (poha) and then bid farewell 2 all. Left the city early, but was lost in the twists & turns of the city. After some crucial help from the auto drivers, I was able 2 find my way out. The climate seemed just about perfect with the sun shining between the creeks of the clouds & the sweet wind just about blowing as pleasant as ever. The return trip seemed getting passed by as early as possible. As the trip ended, the bond between an old biker & his old machine has became more stronger & stronger. With a promise that I will conquer the roads till the last breath, I lie down to wear off my tiredness, late at 4 AM.

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20 thoughts on “Bike trip to shirdi

  1. Subhendu

    any pictures of temple ?

  2. as usual an interesting trip log mate! i gotta meet you one of these weekends in Bangalore…

    Just one small suggestion, invest a bit in good protective gear, a jacket, and knee/shin guards (if not a riding pant) that will make your rides much safer


  3. Samaresh,

    Saying this again…..Absolutely hats off to your riding spirit. CT100 in monsoons on a 2500+ kms ride and in 4 days. Absolutely amazing.

    Won’t be surprised to read some day that you’re out exploring the 4 corners of the country on this very bike. Though I still wish you upgrade to a bigger machine…God knows where you’ll end up then 😉

    Fantastic…keep the riding spirit on!



  4. Excellent ride man 🙂 Keep riding 🙂 Around india 🙂

  5. ashish

    boss….. All said and written well… What ever lj was sayin please follow…. All these things just lead a enjoyable and safer ride.

  6. Nilay

    Hey Buddy,

    U dropped down to pune. shd have met me as well… let me know if u dropping down anytime back again..

  7. Mickey

    Go Che!! 🙂

  8. Bulu Bhai

    I always insist you why r u taking risk. Anyways life is nothing without risk. If you really enjoy this … Go ahead … Explore India with ur small bike.. If possible change the machine.

    • samareshbiswal

      bulu bhai jaldi hi bike change kari debi thn god knows max time wil b spent in discovering incredible india

  9. Himanshu Jani

    Well done man, its great. i have seen many lads with busty bikes but max they travel is upto forum or mg road. You are doing justice to your machine and vision. Keep riding, someday I want to read about your solo trip to Leh.

  10. That’s a long ride…excellent. Keep up the travel spirit.

    • samareshbiswal

      thnks celine ur new post on trip 2 mandu is awesome loved th way u captured old places

  11. You are lucky to do these kind of trips. I have to rely on public transport.

    Solo journeys are quite fun, aren’t they ?

    • samareshbiswal

      solo journeys ar fun . during college days i used 2 take public transport 🙂 🙂

  12. Enjoy your trip to the beautiful Shiradi Ghats, and come back with some photographs to share here.

  13. Dobi

    Wooo ! That is some road trip and some calling.
    Am not sure but I haven’t ridden solo yet I usually ride with friends. I am sure Bajaj would be proud of you moving around the country in CT100.

    Cheers and keep posting ! Ride Safe.

    • samareshbiswal

      thnks dude the trip was road calling iam sure whn u ride solo u will come 2 know just ride

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