Tataguni Roerich Estate

Bike trip to Tataguni Roerich Estate

Man & Bike: Samaresh Biswal & Bajaj CT 100

Total distance: 174 Km

No of days: 1

Expense: Priceless

Place Visited: Tataguni Roerich Estate

Camera: Nokia E 63

Album Link:https://picasaweb.google.com/samareshbiswal/TataguniRoerichEstate#

Route: Bangalore-kanakpura highway

Highway: NH 209

Riders ride, but its not always have to be on road. Sometimes, a riders heart can take pleasure form just a 10 minutes ride on a nice chilly ride with the red sun shining in the eastern horizon and sometimes, its just in the company of some historical moments that will lead to some kind of redemption to the daily tired soul.

I not only go out when my riders soul tell me to ride, but at times, even my empty stomach says, lets go for a ride and have something to enjoy (actually was too lazy to cook). I left home for Hotel Vasu, one of my favourite food joint on the kanakpura Road. But by the time I reached, except for the delicious smell, nothing else was having a place to rest and eat there. So I decided to parcel vangi bhath and decided to simply return. However, as I have interest on any past history with little colours in it, Tataguni Estate was one o such property with disputed history and landscape. I had a faint recollection of the painter (Svetoslav Roerich)and his beloved wife(Devika Rani). Though the property is sealed by the order of the Supreme Court, one can always rely on Karnataka Police’s honesty to get a preview for some bucks. Its huge and a beautiful estate. I decided to have my lunch beside a lake in the company of the cranes and nature’s silence. By the look of it, it has been very well maintained. I was interested in visiting the studio, but the govt seal was too strong to break. There is an oil extracting plant which is also shut down. But above all, one can always drink and bask upon the serene beautiful and pristine environment of the estate and help himself to get some redemption.

Samaresh @ Tataguni RoerichEstate

Samaresh @ Tataguni RoerichEstate

Samaresh @ Roerich Memorial

Samaresh @ Roerich Memorial

Samaresh @ Lake Roerich Estate

Samaresh @ Lake Roerich Estate

Samaresh @ Roerich Residence

Samaresh @ Roerich Residence

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6 thoughts on “Tataguni Roerich Estate

  1. how your finding this type of the place man ? Good 🙂

  2. this is the place is named after the famous russian artist who marrried an indian girl..

    but the distance is much nearer is guess.. i comes much before kankapura.. hardly 20-30 mins ride from city 🙂

    • samareshbiswal

      hi karthik the distance i have given is from marathali till kanapura village( vasu hotel) & back

  3. i want to go somewhere around mysore, suggest a place dude 🙂

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