About me

libererlesprit is the french translation of free spirit its about  (bike trip , hitch hiking , backpacking) & some soul stirring exp of my life

4 any queries mail  samareshbiswal AT gmail dot com

Call / whatsapp / Telegram _ Nine Zero Seven Eight Six Zero Six Four Six Two

Thanks for dropping by 🙂



29 thoughts on “About me

  1. rajeev

    I have only one word for this AWESOME … This is one of the journey you will rem for your entire life ….. i need to ask you that can you plese help me in making a blog like this … ia want to make it for my trip to heaven …. rishi kesh …. I can say that this trip would have shown you temendous adventure and learning …… and relief from life for those days … please help me in making a blog like this

  2. Simply Awsome…
    Beautiful experience with beautiful expression both in words and in pictures. Some typo errors are there but words are only a medium to express, not above the rich experience demonstrated here.

  3. dhirendra singh

    Its nice!!! How come you became such a intelligent guy??????

  4. hi jay here

    hi saw the new mangalore snaps too godd. was up. take care

  5. Sharieff

    w r u… iam in hyderabad 09666456833

  6. Supragya

    well done mate..one of the most interesting blogs i have ever come across..

  7. Dude,
    Great blogs, travelogues & pictures. Keep travelling, writing, and enjoying your life 🙂


  8. man. its beautiful photo 🙂 where u took this.

  9. Hi
    I found your blog throught Vasu !!
    Great blog you have
    very interesting :))

    Greetings from The Netherlands
    Anya 🙂

  10. Hi Samaresh,
    I read many posts on your site and glad to know you are like me in many ways.
    You have been to parts where I have not been till now so they looked more interesting.

    Just wanted to know how safe are they for a single woman travelling? Of course, I am going to explore even if you say they are not safe. 🙂

    And I see, you don’t reply to comments. Should I expect a reply then ? 🙂

    • sasi

      dont go alone. u can choose a partner… even i am searching for a partner who can join with me…..

  11. Naveen Menon

    Great way to discover yourself , nice blog, keep on with high spirits

  12. Subhendu

    On this journey of journeys, solitude found solidarity, ‘I’ turned into ‘we’. — Eduardo Galeano.

  13. Monalisa

    Nice Blog !! I really appreciate your effort and jeal to achieve something !!

    Are you married or Single till now ??? 😮

  14. ravikanth

    amazing mate….

  15. Bibin

    Samaresh ..This is an amazing work..Can u giv me ur no???

    • samareshbiswal

      thnks bibin my cell no is Nine six Six three Eight OnE FiVe EighT Five SeVen

  16. Nice work!! Looking forward to reading more !! Cheers

  17. Surely would like to travel with you sometime… 🙂 I myself I am a vagabond… 😀

  18. Loved your blog. Very refreshing. Recently I have started my very own travel blog on Odisha, India. Please do take a look and give apt feedback.

  19. Arup

    Can you guide me for garimatha one day tour from chadbali……..

  20. Lovely blog; look forward to reading many of your posts:)

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